white ink tattoos on dark skin people

There is not a lot of information out there on the web when it comes to tattooing dark skin. I am going to take a few minutes today to talk about white ink tattoos on dark skin and a little about what you can expect when doing tattoos on black skin. There are a lot of different options for people with darker skin looking to get some work done. When looking to get tattooed especially if you have darker skin you are going to want to do some research for your specific skin type and color as different inks and different colors are going to be a better option than others. If you African American or just have dark skin i would look for a dark skinned artist or a tattooist that has a lot of dark skinned clients. These artist are going to be more knowledgeable than the typical artist that doesn’t work with many dark skinned people. Black people with tattoos really don’t have as many options as someone with white skin does as a white persons skin is going to take virtually any color.

white ink tattoos on dark skin

white ink tattoos on dark skin

A lot of my black friends ask me about getting white tattoos on black skin. While white tattoos on dark skin does look really good, it can also look really bad if it isnt applied right or if the artist doesn’t pack enough ink into the area he/she is working in. While white tattoos on black people usually turn out well i would recommend starting with a small and seeing how well your skin takes it. If it is horrible it will be a lot easier to cover up than some huge monstrosity that you are going to be stuck with forever. Also as I have mentioned before make sure you find an artist well versed in tattooing dark skin.

I see white tattoos on black people all the time and am constantly amazed at how well they turn out. If done right the white ink will show a lot of contrast against black skin and really make the piece POP. Another cool thing about white ink tattoos on black skin is that they light up like a christmas tree when under a black light ….say at a club or strip bar…. You will be like that dumb ass vampire guy from that one movie…. Hey girls like shiny things!

If you came across my blog I am assuming you are considering getting a white ink tattoo. Although i do have a lot of experience and think you would be fine getting a white ink tattoo, the best option to find out if it is going to be a piece that will work for you is to talk to other black people with white tattoos.

I hope this posting helps you in getting that great piece of work done.