Should you get white ink tattoos? Yes? Or No?

White ink tattoos are becoming more and more popular, however there are still some issues when getting white ink tattoos that still need to be worked out. So white ink tattoos, yes or no? Well there are a lot of things you are going to want to consider. Most people with darker skin usually cannot take enough of the white ink to have to tattoo show up vividly which is the opposite of what most think seeing as there would be a huge contrast between the white ink and the black skin. Unfortunately this is not the case…..all the time.

white ink tattoos yes or no

Sometimes depending on the skin of the patron getting a tattoo they may be able to accept white ink and have it look amazing. In my experience this is typically people with tan to olive skin. Black people or people with dark dark skin usually don’t take the ink as well and the tattoo doesn’t come out like they expected. There have also been reports of peoples bodies actually rejecting the white ink, or having reactions to it such as swelling and itching. I have also heard of the skin just totally rejecting the ink all together. One thing I also recommend when trying something like this out is to actually get a small tattoo first that could potentially be covered up relatively easy just to see how your body is going to react to the white ink.

Another thing that is very important when considering getting a white ink tattoo is picking a good location on your body for the tattoo. While white ink tattoos are beautiful and a lot of fun to show off you are going to want to make sure that the tattoo is in a spot that is not going to receive a lot of uv rays. White tattoo ink has the tendency to dull out rather quickly when exposed to a lot of sunlight so you are going to want to get this tattoo in an area not overly exposed such as your chast or back…. My white ink tattoo is on the inside of my arm which is great because it doesn’t get much sun light and still looks to be holding strong.

Another very important thing to take into consideration when getting a white ink tattoo is to do some research and find artist that are actually highly skilled with white ink tattoos as they are another beast when compared to regular tattooing. It takes a very experienced artist to do this type of work, and if you go to some joe schmo you are going to be greatly disappointed at the work and the quality of the tattoo…. Not because the artist is not good… he is just not experienced with white ink tattooing.